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Essential tips: Cleaning a boat before storage - Mountainbound Boat Storage Idaho

26.01.22 06:11 PM By Stackerd

After the summer months are over, you will find your boat was exposed to weather influences during the sailing season. There is often a buildup of green deposits, algae and salt deposits on the boat. In this post, boat storage experts from Mountainbound Custom Storage & RV Park share useful tips for cleaning your boat.

Use the right products

Cleaning a boat can be done more effectively when the boat is out of the water. The most important thing is that you use the right materials and products. You can find special products for boat cleaning on the market that are environmentally friendly to use. These cleaning products protect the boat and this can extend its lifespan considerably.

Start from the top down

When cleaning the boat, you start on top of the deck and work your way down towards the hull. This way, cleaned parts won’t get dirty again. Make sure you work with lukewarm water and use the cleaning products in the indicated amounts. Avoid mixing cleaning agents as this can cause a chemical reaction and counteract the effect of the product.

Cleaning the deck

Different types of deck materials require different treatments. For the vinyl deck you can use a harder brush and a pressure cleaner. With a wooden deck, use a soft brush and sponge, do not use high pressure. For cleaning the deck, a brush with a handle is easier on your back. For the stubborn stains you can use a scrub brush. Wood is best cleaned by circular movements. Do not go with the grain because you will make the wood grain bigger and the deck will look weathered, and dirt will also accumulate in it.

Cleaning boat accessories

Depending on the type of boat, on the deck you will have different accessories. To polish stainless steel and chrome, use the chrome polish that both cleans and protects. The boat seats can be cleaned with a vinyl shampoo that does not damage the surface. A plastic protector provides a protective layer to the plastic of escape hatches and portholes.

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