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How to promote an optometry clinic during the pandemic  Woo University

26.01.22 06:51 PM By Stackerd

With new waves of the COVID pandemic every few months, it is important to find creative ways to continue reaching people in need of eye care service.  Below are 5 marketing tips for your optometry business.

Keep communicating

It may sound obvious, but during the COVID crisis, it is important to keep communicating. There is a lot of uncertainty, especially now that the official measures change so quickly and often. It's your job to be clearly seen and heard. Keep communicating about working hours, COVID measures in your clinic, new optometry services etc.

Take advantage of digital media

Due to the pandemic, most people are spending more time than ever before browsing the internet on their phones and computers. It is now the norm for social and professional activities to take place online. If you want to continue reaching patients, then your message must also be available online. Posters, flyers and word of mouth are less effective as people are indoors.

Stay in touch

If there is one thing we see less of, it is personal contact. Take this opportunity to maintain personal contact with your patients. It really doesn't always have to be in person at your optometry clinic. You can give your patients a call, or schedule a video call. You may even be able to do some work via video calling, such as a consultation.

Stay updated

To succeed as an optometrist, it is important to keep up with trends in the optometry sector. In this way you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing. You are able to find out which marketing channels work well, what new optometry equipment or treatments are available, what information your patients are looking for, or how your patients want to be addressed. One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse is by taking courses and attending industry events regularly. Get started by taking this free optometry CE at Woo University.