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What is the pant of Ripley Rader that has become very popular among ladies?

29.07.20 11:12 AM By Stackerd

Ripley Rader is a designer based in LA. That she is a fashion expert is undoubted. However, she is also a nice, loving, and warm human being. Many may feel that too many superlatives are being used. However, all of them are true and are not being used casually. She used to be a specialized Broadway dancer. Thus, she is a connoisseur in how the bodies of ladies move, the wear that compliments, and the fear that feels good. Like many designers, she is a firm believer that all ladies should feel like an idol. She leaves no stones unturned to realize this belief!

A great creation of Ripley Radar is “wide leg pants”

An area of expertise of Ripley Rader is the jumpsuit. Many of the jumpsuits that she has fashioned are so good that they will make up an entire post. However, here, we are going to discuss her renowned wide leg pants. The material that they are fashioned out of is structured Ponte knit. Their weight is right to hug the silhouette of ladies, and they also drape smartly and gracefully. They are characterized by a center seam that makes legs look longer. Another feature of these pants is their high waist that promotes a great contour and isn't tight. Another feature of these pants is that they’re anti-wrinkle. They are great to wear on a plane journey.

Some great looks with the wide leg pants

These wide leg pants pair well with her patented short sleeve tee to lend a modernized look. However, buyers can use them in quite a few ways.

·A cropped trench of taupe color goes well with black wide leg pants, and the leather sleeves add to the look

·A turtleneck of black color under a tee with the black wide leg pants lends a 70’s feel. They also feel modern

Ladies mostly have a handbag when they go out. A vintage handbag is going to polish off the above looks!

The above combos featuring these Ripley Rader Pants are a blend of neutral shades and figure complimenting trend-setting shapes. They lend a sexy and classy look.

Another great style with these pants

Ladies can also experiment with hip hop styles with these pants. An example is a heavy faux fur. It highlights the high waist of these pants and creates a lively counterpoint to any ensemble. Accessories that add to the hip hop look are some gold bling, mesh gloves, and a black hat. While many may feel that this combo is pushing the edge, the look is not outlandish. It is just as a hip hop style should be. And that is natural when ladies dress around these premium pants of a premium designer.