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How to Choose an Air Purifier

29.01.21 12:11 AM By Stackerd
Air purifiers are a wonderful thing. They are essential in today's polluted world because they are able to remove many dangerous contaminants from the air we breathe. Unfortunately, not every air purifier is as effective as the next, and purchasing a purifier that does not perform to standards could actually be harmful. In this article, we will look at how to find the best air purifier online.

First, what is an air purifier? Simply put, an air purifier is a device used to provide better indoor air quality. In plain English, it works by filtering impurities in the air such as large particles, dust, pollen, smoke, dirt, and more. In order to effectively clear the air, these devices use different filters and fans in order to remove large particles and circulate the clean, purified air back to the room.

Most of us know that there are two basic types of air purifiers. There are ozone generators and ionizers. An ozone generator simply functions by generating ozone in order to create cleaner air. An ionizer works by releasing ions into the air through the use of electrodes. These electrodes are usually made of special aluminum alloys.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of air purifier, let us move on to the various features that you should look for in an best air purifier. Perhaps one of the most important features that you should look for is the brand, which is a very general term. There are many brands, but the most popular include Trane, Brita, and Kenmore.

Another feature that you should check when choosing air purifiers is the type of filters they use. Each of these companies produce their own filters, which are responsible for removing different types of particles from the air. A good example of a filter is the particle filter, which is commonly used by most air purifiers. Another type of filter that you may want to purchase is the electrostatic filters, which are also known as electrostatic precipitators. These filters are made up of metal foils that attract negatively charged particles in the air and prevent them from reaching inside the air purifier.

One important feature of any air purifier is its efficiency in purifying the air. The best way to judge this efficiency is to check how much clean air is produced by it. The more clean air that an air purifier produces, the more effective it is in filtering the air. Some examples of highly efficient air purifiers are the Eureka and the ionic cleaners.