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What are some false beliefs that people have about Travel Therapy Jobs?

29.07.20 05:53 AM By Stackerd

Travel therapy jobs offer several benefits. People get to see the world, come across new people, and enjoy an astonishing experience. However, many people have some set beliefs about travel therapy jobs that stop them from trying them out. In this article, we will discuss these set beliefs and see what the truth is. The first belief is a decrease in Physical Therapy Jobs. The healthcare area is witnessing tremendous growth. With more aged people and more emphasis on personal health, more and more healthcare jobs are coming up. This is true for physical therapy jobs. The BLS expects a 28% growth in physical therapy jobs.

This growth will also influence more travel therapy jobs. So, people who are keen on working as a travel therapist will have ample opportunities.

Experience is a must for landing a travel therapy job

The truth is that prior experience is not needed for landing a travel therapy job. Professional recruiters can place the interested in a quality travel therapy job right following graduation with an industry-explicit degree.

A Travel OT doesn’t have choices regarding the setting he or she works in

The fact is that the options of a travel OT are the same as that of a permanent Occupational Therapist. They are free to work in a setting of their choice.

Travel therapy is of no help professionally

Those who become travel therapists have ample opportunities to develop their career. A renowned travel therapy director states that Travel therapy could be an excellent springboard for individuals. He adds that he was working with a grad physical therapist who wished to work at a specific clinic. Following a two year stint as a travel PT and some perm assignments, he realized his goal.

Travel therapists don’t earn much

Many people believe that when they change job as a travel therapist, they end up earning less. This theory is unfounded. The average compensation that permanent therapists get in a year is $78,810. The earning of numerous experienced travel therapists in a year is $100,000, including all of the benefits and allowances.

There is no chance of making life-lasting friendships since people move around as travel therapists

People who are travel therapists get the chance to come across so many individuals. There are professional colleagues and personal friendships. There are great possibilities that travel therapists will settle in a permanent job and meet a lifetime friend. There are even travel therapists who fell in love and married. In these jobs for therapists, people cannot tell who they will meet.

This article hopes to make people realize that travel therapists enjoy an excellent career. They will come across people, they will get opportunities to grow their career, and they are going to make money. These are some of quite a few possible plus points of travel therapy. There are more.